Hello Connect High School students and families-

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Here is one last Summer Program, available to students to apply! Its a fairly quick turnaround, so if you are intereted please apply soon!

LA County high school studentscan apply to participate in a two-week, fully funded, augmented reality (AR) workshop. Otis and Snap are partnering to bring students Snap Lens Lab @ Otis College, an exciting hands-on learning lab, giving students the chance to combine the power of AR with their own creativity to visualize, draw, develop, and share dynamic experiences.

The program is geared toward high school students from underserved communities, and 15 full scholarships are available. Snap Lens Lab @ Otis College runs Monday through Friday from July 18th-29th from 9am-4pm. There is a simple application due on June 13, so I am eager to share about this incredible opportunity. No prior experience or skills are required to participate in this program!

I am attaching a copy of an informational flyer so you may share this great opportunity with your students and networks. Students can submit their application to be considered here, with the application period closing on Monday, June 13th, so don’t delay!

More information about the program can be found at: https://www.otis.edu/snap-lens-lab-otis-college

Learning Log #7 is is due by TONIGHT at 11:59pm! Please make sure you completely fill it out completely and attach approporiate work samples! Thank you for all your hard work on these!

For next year’s academic calendar, CLICK HERE and scroll down to “Da Vinci Connect & Da Vinci Extension (2022-23)”.

Have a wonderful Summer Break!