Da Vinci Connect High is an independent study, dual enrollment public school that combines in-person and remote learning. Students can get a jump start on college by earning a two- or four-year college degree while in high school, for free!

Why Early College AND Dual Enrollment?

Early college means that high students have a college curriculum embedded into their high school course requirements, while dual enrollment allows for students to be enrolled in both high school and college courses. Da Vinci Connect offers both!  Da Vinci Connect is committed to solving the “college completion crisis” by providing students with an early college experience aimed at degree completion and changing students’ college success trajectory, all all at no cost to students or families!

Why Hybrid Learning?

We believe learning can happen anywhere! A hybrid approach allows students to benefit from both on-campus and off-campus learning. Hybrid learning means that a community of caring individuals are available to support students to become engaged, self-directed learners who thrive as adults. By combining the best of campus-based and remote learning, students develop self-efficacy, autonomy and resourcefulness.

Why Career-Connected Learning?

Real world learning (also known as Career Connected Learning) at Da Vinci Connect links the work world after high school with the classroom.  We do this in the workplace in order to support students to and through college and into careers that they are passionate about. Career Connected Learning curriculum provides students with the experiences and skills needed in the world and the workplace.

Why Social Emotional Learning?

At Da Vinci Connect, we strive to create a culture and climate conducive to promoting social emotional learning.  At the heart of the social emotional program at Connect is the concept of a growth mindset. A growth mindset can best be defined as a person’s belief that basic life qualities and characteristics can be developed through specific focus and efforts, in addition to learning from mistakes. Our goal is to address all students’ interests and varied learning styles to help create their growth mindset that encourages understanding, learning and reflection both academically and personally.