Our Signature Practices

Presentations of Learning (POLs)

At the end of the year, students complete a Presentation of Learning in which they demonstrate their mastery of content in their courses in a formal presentation setting. Students are required to provide and explain how specific work they have completed (i.e. the evidence) demonstrates growth toward mastery and their Habits of Heart and Mind. POLs consist of an oral presentation followed with questions and answers from panel members (family members, classmates, staff).


Each semester, all Da Vinci schools host a school-wide Exhibition night where students show visitors their learning and demonstrate their mastery of essential skills throughout the semester. Exhibitions are an important component of project-based learning and assessment, and provide a comprehensive view of each student's knowledge and mastery of the curriculum.

Student Led Conferences

Once a semester, students facilitate a conference about their learning alongside their families and teachers. These meetings are powerful opportunities for all students to reflect on their successes, effort and areas for growth in their classes as well as in social emotional learning development, including their autonomy, growth mindset, self-efficacy and their Habits of Heart and Mind.

Early College and Dual Enrollment

As a rigorous, early college model, students begin earning college credits for free beginning in 9th grade, reducing the time and cost of attaining a college degree. Students take free college classes via Arizona State University with additional opportunities to work toward an AA or Bachelor's degree -- all at no cost to students and families.

Hybrid Learning

We believe learning can happen anywhere! Students benefit from an on-campus community of peers and staff 2 days per week and remote learning 3 days per week. At Connect High School, a community of caring individuals support students to become engaged, self-directed learners who develop self-efficacy, agency and purpose.

Social Emotional Learning

Students need to be known, seen and heard to thrive as learners. Connect High’s unique social emotional learning philosophy is reflected in our Habits of Heart and Mind: Accountability, Equity, Collaboration, Quality, Agency and Empathy.  In addition to constantly infusing the Growth Mindset philosophy into our school community, in order to equip our students with skills to navigate life after high school.

Career Connected Learning with Industry Connections

Making career connections is at the center of everything we do. From tackling real problems in the classroom, to gaining hands-on experience via project consults, mentorships, internships, work experience and other industry-relevant events, Da Vinci students learn by truly doing.

Mastery Based Grading

Mastery-based grading (MBG) provides meaningful feedback to students and parents by focusing on skill development and evidence of mastery. Students receive opportunities to reflect and revise assignments and assessments. Our “Habits” of Quality and Accountability are factored into MBG to encourage growth.

Inquiry Based Learning

This approach to learning emphasizes the student's role in the learning process. Rather than the teacher as the only source of what students need to know, students are encouraged to explore the material, ask questions, and share ideas.