El Camino College invites Immigrant Families for an honest conversation-style presentation to address common fears, misconceptions, and unheard needs. Families will learn the responsibilities they must take on to support their students enroll in and graduate from college, as well as the resources that they are entitled to and how to access them. Finally, a call to action to get actively involved and encourage Higher Education among their families, friends, and neighbors.

Immigrant Families Night is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th from 5:30pm until 8:30pm. It will take place at the Students Services Plaza which is located by Parking lot C and the Student Services Building on Manhattan Beach Blvd. There will be two presentations, one in English and one in Spanish.

The transition from high school to college can be challenging for students.  During the Immigrant Families Night, you will learn about:

  • Post-DACA: Why College is still worth it, pre-college checklist for parents and guardians, realities of first-gen student life, at-home support strategies, FERPA and other protections that make college safe, resources in college for undocumented students, and El Camino College’s commitment to their development and success.

You may register for our Immigrant Families Night in one of two ways:

  1. Please use your cell phone camera to scan this QR code to take you to the website:


Visit this website directly and RSVP online: https://gck.fm/mobeq

  1. *You may RSVP by sending an e-mail to jdcruz@elcamino.edu, but we prefer you RSVP by scanning the QR code enclosed with your mobile camera or click on the registration link.

If you plan to attend Immigrant Families Night, please plan on parking in Lot C, Level 2 and above the day of the event.  Lot C is located off Manhattan Beach Blvd. Parking is free so please DO NOT PURCHASE A PARKING PERMIT FOR THE EVENT. I have enclosed a campus map and marked an “X” next to the location of our parent orientation. Food will be served. If you have any questions regarding the Immigrant Families Night, please contact me at 310-660-3593 extension 7811 or email me at jdcruz@elcamino.edu