Hello Senior Families!

This message is for those of who are applying to colleges that require the FAFSA and the CSS Profile to apply for financial aid.

The CSS Profile is an application used to award institutional scholarships, grants and merit-based aid and is required by more than 300 colleges, universities and scholarship organizations.  Colleges that use the CSS Profile are predominantly private college and out of state private colleges. The UCs and CSUs do not use the CSS Profile.  You can find the list of participating colleges here .

For example, USC does require the CSS Profile.

If you are applying to a college that requires the CSS Profile, please complete this form as soon as possible. The CSS Profile application can be found here. The financial information that is provided by completing the CSS Profile will allow these colleges to create an estimated award offer if you are accepted to their institution.  As we wait for the FAFSA to open sometime in December, we are also anticipating that processing of the FAFSA may take longer than expected.  However, the estimated award as a result of completing the CSS Profile, will more than likely be the actual award you will receive.

Additional important information regarding financial aid applications:

  • Students that apply Early Action/Early Decision may have a November or December deadline for the CSS Profile.  Please check deadlines on the respective university websites.
  • The University of CA (UCs) and the CA State University (CSUs) do not require the CSS Profile.  They only require the FAFSA or the CADAA
  •  UC priority deadline for the FAFSA or the CADAA is March 2nd
  •  CSU priority deadline for the  FAFSA or the CADAA is April 2nd       

Again, if college required the completion of the CSS Profile, we encourage you not to wait until the FAFSA opens in December to complete the CSS Profile. If you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor.