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Here are some quick updates for our Connect High families:

Back to School Night Schedule (TOMORROW 10/3)
5:00-6:15 PM Families for Monday/Thursday Cohort
6:25-7:30 PM Families for Tuesday/Friday  Cohort

Da Vinci Connect School Site Council has been changed due to California Education Code.  In accordance with the Greene Act ( Ed Code 35140-35149), we are shifting away from School Site Council, and moving towards a Parent Advisory Council, beginning this school year! Much of the work will feel very similar to the work of SSC, reviewing LCAP, School Safety Plan, general program feedback however there are some changes:

 -Members of PAC are appointed, not elected
-There is a requirement for diverse representation within the members of the council, with the goal of representing the diversity of our overall population
-PAC is a review committee only, and will not “approve” LCAP as done in the past through SSC

If you are interested please show your interest here. Meeting dates for PAC are also indicated within this form